Learn how to generate leads worth 6 to 7 figures.


Of all the different aspects of B2B Marketing, getting your message in front of the C-Suite is the hardest. 

In this eBook, we teach you how to market to senior decision makers and generate leads worth 6 to 7 figues. You'll learn:




The key principles and sales psychology in selling to the C-Suite.

The entire C-Suite Marketing methodology from start to finish.

How to deliver the right kind of value and build trust quickly.

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The Definitive Guide to C-Suite Marketing

About the Authors:

James is the CEO of Seraph Science and has over 20 years experience in marketing to the C-Suite. He's passionate about sharing what he knows and amplifying the C-Suite Marketing movement to help businesses and marketers increase their ROI.

Tom is in charge of growth at Seraph Science and has been working in the digital marketing space for over 6 years. Former consultant, you can usually find him drinking copious amounts of tea and creating new content for our audience.

James Harris, CEO
Seraph Science

Tom Whatley, Digital Marketing
Seraph Science

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